Robert J. Lowe '62 Endowed Professor of Economics and George R. Roberts Fellow, Robert Day School, Claremont McKenna College and Associate Director for Research, RAND Institute for Civil Justice, RAND Corporation.

Education: PhD, Washington University, Economics.

Married, wife – Connie, two children.

Manager, TJMaxx, Santa Ana, California.

Education: B.A., Home Economics/Business, San Diego State University.

Married, husband – Ken, two children.

General Director, Hub and Facility Operations, The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company.

Education: B.S., Industrial Arts, California State University Fresno.

Married, wife – Debbie, three children.

Director, Center for Sustainable Suburban Development, University of California at Riverside / President, ISSRC.

Education: Phd, University of Tennessee, Physics.

Married, wife – Suzy, two children.

President, Nieto and Sons, Environmental Remediation, Brea, California.

Education: B. A. Degree Business Administration/Marketing, 1975, California State University, Fullerton.

Married, wife – Cathy, two children.