Data download

The IVE team has done studies in various cities. These profiles or data sets can be loaded into the IVE Model for comparison or modification. An existing city's data set can be modified to approximate that of another similar city.

Installation instructions: After downloading, Location, Fleet, Base, and Group files should be placed in the "IVE data" folder before starting the IVE Model. Files placed after starting the model will not be read until the model is restarted.

Data requirements for the user are built around two mandatory input files. The Location file provides driving information on a specific location (link) for one or more times during the day. The Fleet file provides the percentage distribution of all technology types present in a given area. Any Location file may be matched with any Fleet file. An optional Base Emissions correction file can be added in order to improve emission estimates if a file exists for the location of choice.

Note: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the data and output of the International Vehicle Emissions Model, however the International Sustainable Systems Research Center assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies regarding the operation or data output of the software.

Location, Fleet, Group, and Base Adjustment Files (.zip)

Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Santiago, Chile
Nairobi, Kenya
Pune, India
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Mexico City, Mexico
Lima, Peru
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Beijing, China
Shanghai, China
Tianjin, China
Bogotá, Colombia
Istanbul, Turkey
Standard Cycles
Specific Technologies

Technical Questions or Comments
If you are having difficulties installing or running the IVE software, or have any suggestions about how the software might be improved, please contact us using the address provided below. We'll make every effort to provide users with answers to technical issues.