IED Emission Inventory System

The International Environmental Database system (IED) is designed for the purpose of housing an emission inventory for a region. This region could be as big as a country or as small as a single complex source. Its main intent is to provide a structure for an emission inventory for a metropolitan area. This inventory can include air emissions, water emissions, and solid waste; although most of the work to date is toward an air emissions inventory.

The inventory developed in IED is spatially distributed as well as temporally distributed. Typically, a 1km by 1km grid is used but in the case of a large area the grid can be increased to 2km by 2km up to 10km by 10 km or more. However, for air quality modeling, a grid of 1km by 1 km or 2km by 2km is normally preferred. The model allows for a weekday inventory and a weekend inventory for each hour of the day and for up to four seasons of the year.

A discussion of the development of air quality related emission inventories can be found in Chapter 6 of the Air Quality Management Manual at the website:

The IED can be set up for use on a single computer, on an intranet within an organization, or on the internet so that approved persons anywhere in the world can access and work on the system. A manual for the installation and use of the IED in pdf format may be downloaded below. At the present time this manual is available in Chinese and English. All files required for installation of the IED may be accessed by request at:

You will be asked to supply your name, affiliation, and contact information to receive the files, but there is no charge for them.

English (pdf 22.6MB)

Chinese (pdf 22.5MB)